High technology for touroperators

Customers making reservation themself via Internet, buy 47% more services and additional options.

Source: ~Netsurvey (USA & Canada)

BlueVendo - successful foreign markets entry.

27 January, 2014

BlueVendoPrestige (BVP) - modern ERP solution for tour operators, integrated with booking system, backoffice system and inventory in one, is now present on new markets. Synerway S.A. Company - producer of BlueVendo - signed a contract with the El Mouradi Group to implement the BlueVendo system in Sunshine Holiday operating in 9 countries (Denmark, Croatia, France, Poland, Serbia, Slovenia, Hungary, the United Kingdom and Ireland). El Mouradi Group is one of the largest hotel chains in Tunisia in possession of more than 16,000 hotel beds and 5 million person-nights. BlueVendoPrestige is also used, among others, in Egypt, Tunisia, Germany, Russia and Ukraine.